I was the Perfect Parent Before I had Kids!

I was the perfect parent before I had kids. Home-cooked meals, every single day, were definitely going to be the norm and don’t even think about a messy house, my house was going to be spotless! However, experience (aka actually having two little kids) has taught me differently. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve […]

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Adventures in Parenting

Adventures in parenting… I am not a morning person. I never have been, and I most likely never will be. With two little ones at home, I never seem to be ready for the craziness that the morning seems to bring. The important thing that I have learned is that if you can just push […]

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Empty Buoy’s

Empty Buoy’s During my morning hike, I noticed fewer sailboats lashed to their summer homes, the buoy’s dotting the northwest corner of Lake Harriet.  As the leaves fall, even the heartiest of Minnesotan’s find it too chilly to sail. Eventually the lake will freeze, creating the perfect environment for ice fishing and cross-country skiing.  No […]

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Blueberry Pancakes and Marty McFly

I love this time of year! Late summer is when Colorado peaches finally bless my taste buds and become available at my grocery store.  If you’ve never had a peach from the great state of Colorado, you’ve never had a peach. Apple picking is just around the corner too! I love topping Barnstormer® Granola with […]

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Mars Beckons

“Outer Space! OUTER SPACE!” My three-year-old son can hardly contain himself as we prepare to pack him and his two-week old sister into the car for the trip to Mars. That’s right, Mars. 140,000,000 some-odd miles from earth. Our seats belts are fastened and tightened down. Beckett and his sister are strapped into their child […]

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